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Jonny Fairplay

When it comes to reality TV, there are few greater experts or personalities than the infamous Jonny Fairplay. Jonny is best known for his 3rd place finish in Survivor: Pearl Islands and the infamous Dead Grandmother lie that catapulted the notorious bad guy into the top tier of reality TV villains. His Survivor bio can be explored in more detail on the Survivor Wiki: https://survivor.fandom.com/wiki/Jon_Dalton.

Jonny later went on to return to Survivor during season 16, for Micronesia: Fans versus Favorites, along with appearance on a slew of other reality TV shows including: Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge, Celebrity Fear Factor, Kill Reality, The Celebrity Newlywed Game, True Life, and Inked. For a full listing, check out his IMDB page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1441171/.

Jonny Fairplay began the Survivor NSFW podcast in 2017 and has been connecting fans with the legends of reality TV guests that populate the show's guests and entertaining them with all the "peek behind the curtain" stories he tells as only Jonny Fairplay can.

Matt Bischoff

Matt “Beard” Bischoff is a renaissance man to the fullest. Born and bred to rip and shred, Matt got started in the BMX scene at an early age, and has kept the pedal to the metal throughout his whole life. Matt started his own BMX bike brand, has worked in sales in marketing for others, and has hosted national caliber events and been around the world in the name of bicycles.

Matt’s “Beard” namesake comes from an outrageous red beard, including a beard dreadlock that hangs down to his ankles. Matt’s involved in the Professional Beard world (yes, it’s a thing) at a high-level and is a member of “Team Mean Beard”. Beard has not only stood on the podium in National beard competitions, he’s served as a judge in beard events as well. You can check out more of Matt's music and cooking on his website: https://blackstonebeard.com/.

A lifetime lover of heavy music, Matt once hosted his own Music TV show and currently fronts two bands, Moonbow and Soulgroup. If that weren’t enough, Matt has also spent time on reality-TV, serving as a full-time cast member of Survivor Caramoan Castaway on CBS. For more details on Matt's time on Survivor, check out the Survivor Wiki: https://survivor.fandom.com/wiki/Matt_Bischoff.

Zack Hacker

The USA Today and WSJ bestselling author of Cut Reality: The Reality TV Murder Mystery and the award-winning YA fantasy novel Those Who Watch From Afar, Zack grew up in Cincinnati before living in Cleveland and eventually settling in Northern Kentucky with his wife Maria and their 3 cats.

Academically, Zack has hosted panels and published work on Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group, and he currently teaches English. When he's not teaching or writing he spends his time traveling (30 countries and counting!), hosting murder mystery dinners, running, playing D&D, or binge-watching reality TV. Speaking of, Zack has been a lifelong fan of reality TV, even writing his master's thesis on reality TV production, namely Survivor and Big Brother.

To follow him or check out some of his written works, follow the links below:

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