Big Brother All Stars 2 Week 2 Eviction with Winston Hines

big brother week 2 eviction

Winston Hines joins Jonny Fairplay, Zack Hacker, and Karen Eisenberg to talk about Nicole Anthony’s exit from the Big Brother All Stars 2 house in the Thursday night eviction.

They break down all the sloppy game play, Tyler’s HOH that is to come, try to figure out if David is really as clueless as he’s playing, and praise JC Moonves for her hosting!

Following the second eviction of the season, there’s a lot to discuss and another All Star’s legacy to mourn – don’t miss it.

Jonny FairPlay, Zack Hacker, and Karen Eisenberg discuss and recap all of the strategy, the legacy of the first All Star to exit the house, and where they see the house heading in Week 3 of Big Brother All Stars 2. Look for more epic guests and behind, hot takes, and behind the scenes stories.

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